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EPSRC's CDT Scheme: Is it Working?

EPSRC's CDT scheme is a flagship UKRI project. This year, they propose to distribute around £500million to train PhD students within a 'cohort based model'. The particular competition taking place this year follows on from two previous rounds of CDT's being operated over the last decade. EPSRC say that they are the 'gold-standard' for how to train PhD students. 

Under the Freedom of Information Act (2000), we have obtained EPSRC's mid-term review scores. We are publishing a multi-part evaluation of the scheme, which shows that it is not performing as well as EPSRC say they are. To see the account, please click below to see each part in turn.

Part 1: Is the CDT Scheme Working? 

Part 2: Obtaining the Information under the Freedom of Information Act (2000) 

Part 3: The 2019 Results: An Interim Analysis